MATADORS is a new contemporary fiction novel which explores the critical link between Facebook, grunge, personal connections, videogames, stoners, and hipsters in love

What happens when a Facebook reunion between 30-something former roommates--fellow "Matadors" from a California college in the grunge-filled early 90s--spirals out of control? In MATADORS, the new novel by Steve Bauman, dark secrets are revealed, militant vegans go on the attack, philosophical stoners talk about video games, and aging hipsters find love with pierced college students.

"MATADORS is a book about connections." says author Steve Bauman. "The meaningful connections we make with our past and present and the ones that threaten to expose the boiling sea of crazy we're always trying to suppress. Or maybe I'm just projecting."

MATADORS is published by Manic Press Thrills. It is currently available in print and ebook format from stores and online retailers. Review copies are available upon request.

Steve Bauman is a Senior Game Designer for the award-winning video games developer Gas Powered Games, with credits that include Supreme Commander 2 and Age of Empires Online. In a past life, he wrote lots of articles that were published in magazines for which he also served as editor, which at least partially explains how they got published. He lives a tragically brooding existence next door to a casino in the uncoolest part of Seattle, Washington.

Contact: press@manicpressthrills dot com